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How To Replace Your Air Registers

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The efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems depends on several factors. Obviously, greater airflow will enable these appliances to heat up and cool down your home much quicker. Over the years, your air registers can become clogged, rusty and difficult to operate. By changing your registers, you can make it easier to improve airflow and air quality in your home. This article explains how to properly change your air registers and why a vinyl product is more practical and easier to maintain.

Why You Should Upgrade to Vinyl

A lot of homes have aluminum air registers because they are the cheapest option. Vinyl registers are slightly more expensive, but it is definitely worth the extra investment in the long run. First of all, with vinyl you don't need to worry about rust. This is a very serious issue when it comes to registers with movable vents. Often, the hinges can get so rusty over the years that it becomes impossible to open or close them. Just like aluminum, vinyl registers are made in the most popular, neutral colors. For instance, you should have no problem finding white, beige, or grey registers. If you do want a custom color, you always have the option of buying a white product and then painting it. You definitely want to spray your registers instead of painting them with a traditional brush, however.

Removing the Registers

Most registers can be removed by just taking out the screws. However, in some cases the register will also be sealed to the wall with caulk around the edges and backside. You can usually break this seal by simply cutting through it with a utility knife. When buying replacement registers, you want to consider the size of the lip, in addition to the size of the duct fitting. That is, the duct fitting needs to be the exact size of the duct. But, you can invest in a product with a larger or smaller lip. Often, the lip size comes into effect when there is a register near crown or baseboard molding. If the lip is too big, the molding might be in the way.

Before you attach the new registers, is important that you vacuum out the duct openings. Also, caulking the edges of your new registers is probably unnecessary. If they aren't sealed and caulked, you will be able to move them easier to clean your ducts.

This is simple upgrade that will certain help improve airflow and air quality in your home. For more information, contact a company like Bryant Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical & Plumbing.