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Cleaning Tips That Will Improve Your Air Conditioner's Performance

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The accumulation of dust particles and debris within an air conditioning system usually affects its ability to cool air. And while you can protect your system from these particles by investing in a good air filter, the fact that air filters usually wear out with time or get clogged tends to leave most systems vulnerable to dust and debris invasion. This makes cleaning the only foolproof way of protecting your system from dust-related performance drops. The following are cleaning tips that will help you to restore your air conditioning system's performance.

Cleaning your air conditioner's air filters

Since air filters work by trapping dust and mold particles, getting clogged is usually just a matter of time. When this happens, the ability of the filters to let air into the air conditioning system suffers. This leads to restricted airflow, a condition that negatively affects the efficiency of the evaporator coil and in extreme cases causes evaporator coil icing.

To get rid of a clogged filter problem, simply unscrew the filter. Dip it in a solution of water and vinegar and then scrub it with a piece of cloth. Air it and once it dries, screw it back in place. This should be enough to not only get rid of unwanted particles, but also prevent unwanted growths such as mold growth.

Cleaning your air conditioner's blower fan

The blower fan is responsible for not only making air available for cooling, but also giving already-cooled air enough push to ensure that it travels through the duct system and into the home. This is a role that a blower fan can't do as effectively as it should if it is dirty. Why? Because dirty fan blades usually suffer from reduced cupping. As a result, their air-handling ability suffers, something that then reduces the rate of airflow within the air conditioning system. And since adequate airflow is necessary to ensure that the evaporator coil doesn't freeze, this usually causes coil icing, which then leads to a drop in air conditioner performance – because of the insulating nature of ice.

You can get rid of accumulated dirt from a blower fan's blades by using compressed air. Blowing the air over the fan will dislodge any settled particles, freeing the blades from the dust particle burden. You can also clean it by using a bucket of water, soap, and a rag. This type of cleaning will, however, require you to first remove the fan before cleaning begins.

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