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Using An Air Conditioner To Dehumidify Your Storage Unit? Do This To Avoid Water Damage

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An air conditioner can act as an effective dehumidifier simply because when cooling a given space, it usually forces any moisture in the air to condense. It can therefore be used to create a mold-free environment in your storage unit. What this means is that instead of having to deal with the inconveniences of having to recycle desiccant packs, you can simply install an air conditioner in your storage unit and have it protect your valuables from the devastating effects of high humidity.

However, using an air conditioner to control humidity usually presents air conditioner water leak problems. This is because the unit's condensate drainage system can get clogged, fail, or simply get overwhelmed. The following are tips that will help you reduce the risks of property damage.

Regularly replace your air conditioner filters

When air conditioner filters get clogged, they usually restrict the rate of airflow. This is a common cause of icing in the evaporator coil area. And since coil icing is a common cause of condensate-related air conditioner water leaks, making sure that you either clean or replace your clogged filters will go a long way as far as preventing air conditioner water leaks is concerned.

With time, air conditioner filters usually develop tears and holes. When this happens, they tend to allow unwanted particles into the air conditioning system. These particles eventually find their way into the condensate drainage system, clogging it. They then reduce the ability of the system to get rid of the condensate, something that then encourages condensate backup. This eventually leads to water leaks that can damage your valuables. Replacing such filters will reduce the clogging risks that such particles present. It will therefore help keep your property damage-free.

Use a condensate drainage backup system

You can also reduce the risks of water damage by arming your air conditioner with add-ons that can step in when the condensate drainage system fails. Simply installing drain lines that work independent of the main condensate drain line system could help drain the water when the main drain lines get clogged. Having a condensate overflow system that not only catches overflowing water, but also triggers air conditioner shutdown in case of excessive overflow, will also help to avoid water-related damage in your storage unit.

Install wood pallets

Wood pallets will come in handy in the event of the above measures failing to prevent an air conditioner water leak. Use them to elevate furniture and other moisture-sensitive items. Getting them off the floor will ensure that in the rare circumstances where the condensate backup system fails to prevent a water leak, your items won't get soaked in water. Click here for additional info.