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A/C Not Cooling? Check These 3 Things Before Calling A Technician

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When you discover that your air conditioner isn't cooling your home the way that it should, you may feel as if your life is virtually over. However, this is a very common problem, and it is often one that you can easily solve on your own with a little troubleshooting knowledge under your belt. So, here are three things that you need to check prior to calling out an HVAC technician, which will save you time and money:

1. The Setting on Your Thermostat

More often than not, the reason that your air conditioner is not cooling your home is one simple reason: your thermostat. In many cases, especially at the beginning of the warmer season, it is because you haven't double-checked the thermostat to make sure that you have changed the fan setting back to "on" or "auto." Also, make sure that your thermostat is indeed set to "cool." Sometimes the kids can get to playing and mess with the thermostat, which can cause it to stop cooling the home properly, and you would hate to waste the money on calling out a technician for a simple "repair" like that. Now, if you notice that everything looks fine with your thermostat from the outside, then there could be an interior issue. So, you will need to go ahead and make that service call.

2. Interior and Exterior Obstructions

When it isn't your thermostat causing the cooling problem, it may be an obstruction. This can be an obstruction inside or outside your home. If inside the home, it is often an obstruction in front of your vents. So, go around and make sure there isn't anything blocking any of your vents. If there is, make sure to move it immediately and you should notice a difference soon. Outside the home, it will be the condenser, which is part of the A/C unit. It can often get clogged with dirt, grime and debris, or plants, tree branches, etc. Clear any obstructions that you can see. If it doesn't make a difference in the temperature of your home, you will need to call an expert out to assess the problem in depth.

3. Issues with the Ducting

In some cases, your temperature issues may be caused by a damaged duct. The ductwork in your home carries the cool air from your air conditioning unit to the multiple rooms in your room. For that reason, they need to remain in tip-top condition. If they are damaged in any way, such as cracked or have holes in them, the cold air can escape prior to reaching its destination. This type of repair is usually a job for a professional. Therefore, if you suspect that your ductwork might be damaged, it is recommend to call an HVAC contractor for help.