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Three Things To Know About Furnaces

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The furnace that keeps your home warm will be one of the most important appliances that will be in your house. Despite the vital role that the furnace will play for your house, you may not be prepared for the full range of issues that can potentially arise with these systems.

Appreciate The Risks Of Inefficient Combustion

If your home has a gas-, oil-, or wood-burning furnace, it is important to appreciate the risks that can come from inefficient combustion. When the system fails to efficiently burn the fuel, there will be large accumulations of residue that can gather on the system. These residues will inhibit the ability of the system to have adequate ventilation. In addition to leading to further efficiency decreases, this can also allow fumes from the system to fail to leave through the ventilation ducting, which can lead to potentially dangerous accumulations of these fumes in the house.

Consider Adding A Humidifying Attachment To Your System

The air coming from your heating system can be extremely dry. This is because much of the moisture may be removed from the air before it circulates through the house. Excessively dry air can lead to a number of problems for those in the house. For example, this issue can cause certain skin conditions to worsen. Also, individuals with breathing issues may find that their symptoms are worsened by the dry air. Many homeowners will simply assume that it is impossible for them to address this problem. However, there are special attachments that can be added to most heating systems that will add moisture to the air. When having a humidifier added to your heating system, you may want to leave this upgrade to professionals, as an incorrectly installed attachment may fail to work efficiently and it can lead to performance problems.

Cover The Furnace During The Warm Months

You will only need to have your furnace active during the colder months of the year. Unfortunately, homeowners will often fail to protect their furnace against dust accumulations. Over the months when the system is not being heavily used, large amounts of dust may collect, and these deposits can contribute to the system experiencing significant air intake or ventilation problems. To cover the unit, you should invest in a cloth that can cover the entire furnace. Avoid using plastic or other materials that could trap condensation, as this could make rust much more likely to form during these months.

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