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The Beauty Of Zonal HVAC

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Central HVAC systems can be smarter. Homeowners often complain that their old HVAC system is inefficient and/or wasteful. A common problem is that the airflow is not able to reach every room in the home. So, people will have areas in their home that are blazing hot, while other rooms are too cold for comfort (the problems are reversed from season to season). So even in homes that have super efficient furnaces or condenser units, insufficient airflow creates a wasteful system.

This is why many people upgrade their system. It can be very costly, but you can redesign your duct system so that the air flows in defined zones. This enables you to have much more detailed control over how much air is flowing, and exactly where it is flowing. This article explains the process and why it can be such a money saver in many properties.

Fix Uneven Heating

Every single home heats up and cools down unevenly. Even single-story homes will have one side of the house that gets warmer or cooler than the other side. Of course, the problems are even more severe on multi-level homes, and particularly in basements. So if you just have a system that pumps air from one given point, how can you expect airflow to reach every place it needs to? Even more importantly, how can you make sure that the rooms that need the most airflow are those that are actually receiving it?

Zonal Ducting Systems

Modern HVAC systems are often designed with zonal ducting. This basically means that you can pick and choose where the air flows, shortening the path for some zones.  So, if you can have your ducts redirected straight to the rooms that need the most heat or AC, you can eliminate a lot of waste.

Luckily, this can even be done if your home is already built and has an existing duct system. An HVAC tech, like those at GNL Heating and Cooling, will come examine your home and figure out which zones are going to need the most airflow from season to season. Your system will be custom tailored to your floor plan. Of course, it can be a major process that can cost up to $30,000, but it can completely change the way your home operates.

The ultimate goal of the systems is enabling the homeowner to use their heating and cooling appliances less often, saving them money and reducing their bills.