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2 Things To Understand About Air Balancing In Commercial Buildings

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You want your building to be evenly heated. You don't want to have spots of freezing air and spots of boiling air throughout your building, or rooms where the humidity varies, or the air feels really stuff. All these conditions are side effects of poor air balancing.

Understanding Air Balancing in Commercial Buildings

Air balancing is the official procedure HVAC specialists use to make sure each room in your commercial building is getting the right or desired amount of air.

This isn't just a guesswork process; this is a formal process where the HVAC technicians measure both the humidity and heat levels in each room of your business using specialized equipment. HVAC technicians also measure the airflow coming from individual registers as well as measure the pressure of your system.

All this data is used to let the technicians know how air is flowing through your building. This information is then used to create balance in your HVAC system.

How The Air Is Balanced

Once the HVAC technicians have collected all the necessary data, they then analyze that data to figure out what is causing the poor air balancing in your building. There are numerous reasons for poor air balancing, which is why it can take a while to figure out the underlying issue.  

A common reason for poor air balancing are leaks in the ductwork. In a commercial building with hundreds of feet of ductwork, it can take a while to check all the ductwork and figure out if there are leaks and where they are coming from.

Fans play a large role in negative air balancing as well. When blower or exhaust fans get worn out and start to malfunction, a side-effect is poor air balancing in your building.

Other issues that can contribute to air balancing issues comprise broken outdoor air dampers, damaged air units, and filters that are not the right size.

Once these issues are resolved, more testing is done to see if the air balancing issue was fixed. It can take multiple rounds of fixing different elements with your commercial HVAC unit and testing the results to fix air balancing issues.

If the air in your commercial building doesn't feel right, reach out to your commercial HVAC contractor and let them know you have air balancing issues. They can then test and fix the underlying issues that are causing your buildings air to not feel comfortable.