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Using Your Senses to Find Heating and Cooling Problems

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When it comes to your heating and cooling, you can use many of your senses to catch problems. As soon as there is a problem you are aware of, get someone out to figure out exactly what's going on so they can fix it before things get much worse which they often do when a problem is ignored for too long. Here are how your senses will help you to spot a problem with your heating and cooling: 

1. Using Vision 

You may see something happening that isn't right with your system. For example, central systems have an outside unit on a concrete pad and you may see the pad is sinking. Or, you might see that the furnace has a yellow flame, which means there is a likelihood of carbon monoxide leaking, in which case you need to turn it off, get everyone out of the house, and call for emergency repairs. 

2. Using Hearing

Your hearing can be a very big help in knowing when something is going wrong. This is easier than you may think. Basically, any time you hear anything from any part of your system that you haven't heard before, someone should be called out because this always indicates a change and a change in your heating and air conditioning shouldn't happen. Thuds, grinding, clicking, buzzing, whistling, or squealing is examples of noises one may hear coming from their system and all these sounds need to be addressed by a technician.

3. Using Smell

You might wonder how smelling can help you know there is a problem with your heating and air conditioning and this can actually be one of the most important senses for you to listen to immediately. If you smell the smell of rotten eggs coming from your furnace, you likely have a gas leak and want to react accordingly, following your household's emergency procedures for getting out of the house, shutting off the gas, and getting someone out immediately. After the initial emergency is dealt with, the technician will need to fix the issue before it gets turned back on at all. Also, if you smell the odor of something burning, such as plastic, when you have your heater or air conditioner running, then you want to turn it off immediately and have someone come out because there is likely an electrical problem. 

4. Using Touch 

Always trust the way you feel in the house to let you know if things are working correctly with your heating and air conditioning. If the house isn't getting as warm or as cool as it used to, something is going on. If certain parts of the house aren't getting to the same comfortable temperatures you are used to when running the system, this also indicates a change that would be problematic and you need furnace repairs.